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Management Training Courses

First Exclusive Management Course

for Print Shop Managers

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Iran Rotative Printing Training & Exhibition Complex (PTEC) had been organized for technical and academic training programs in Iran graphic art industry.
Iran Rotative has expanded its training activities by adding management courses to PTEC programs.
Iranian printers are willing to take part in training courses conducting by Iran Rotative Company.

PTEC (Printing Training & Exhibition Complex) has been established in 2004 by Mr. Esfarjani as the owner and CEO of Iran Rotative Company to provide a high standard training center with focus on Graphic Arts Industry. Since then we have organized more than 100 training and informative events considering the most important challenges of our customers.
“Our training program is organized by our training department in two courses including ten theoretical and operational sessions, each five sessions in one course.” Shahin Esfarjani stated “while the print shops are developing their production lines with new technologies – especially from European manufacturers in some areas- we can easily see the lack of managing skills in their business and infrastructure management. That’s why we decided to not only provide them with technology-based trainings but also invite academic professors and tutors to conduct more advanced programs like management courses.”
Shahin Esfarjani, VCB and head of sales and marketing departments of Iran Rotative Co. believes that technological developments in printing industry is going far beyond the technical improvements and with Industry 4.0 era we should prepare our customers for a more complicated competition. “Iranian printers should update their management systems and improve their strategic knowledge. Iran Rotative as the most powerful consultation and supplier in printing industry of Iran could provide the educational environment for our customers.”


The management training course is taught by Dr. Khodayar Sadeghi the member of Tehran Art University science committee, head of printing technology bachelor department and professor at Allameh Tabatabaie University. “Today the whole printing industry is facing great challenges like increasing costs, more competition in market and increasing customer demands. Without right decision making and a business strategic plan for that, we cannot foresee the success for the future.” Sadeghi confirms. “It’s been great to collaborate with Iran Rotative Co. in this exclusive training course because of their knowledge base vision and their effort to improve the educational environment in printing industries of our country.”
The first course of management training has been started in 7th of July 2017 and will be finished in August 8th. The topics are Business Management, Strategic Management, Marketing and Sales Management, Human Resource Management and Production Control.
More than 20 print shop centers from Tehran and other cities have participated in the training course. “It was a successful beginning for our further training activities in new topics like Management, and we are confident that with the support of our business partners especially Heidelberg Printing Media Academy we can organize much more impressive programs in PTEC.” stated Shahin Esfajani.
The second course of Management Training will be held in fall 2017 with more operational topics including Quality Management, Inventory Management, Maintenance Management, Performance Management and Supply Chain Management.

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